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Increased Warehouse Efficiency

Elevate warehouse output

Cost Saving

Improved returns with cost reduction

Reduced Order Processing Time

Improved order processing with less time

Intelligent robotic solutions for
optimal space utilisation

In the dynamic world of 3PL warehousing, where every square inch counts, Novus HiTech’scutting-edge Automation Mobile Robots (AMRs) emerge as the ultimate game-changer. Intralogistics challenges related to optimal space utilization are a constant concern.Our AMRs bring unparalleled efficiency by meticulously mapping the warehouse layout and navigating through it intelligently. They optimize space utilization by identifying and utilizing every nook and cranny efficiently, ensuring that no valuable storage area goes to waste. These robotic wonders don’t just save space; they save time and manpower too, making your 3PL warehouse operations not only more cost-effective but also incredibly precise.


Discover a world of possibilities with our advanced automated robots. Our robots are designed to optimise efficiency, enhance precision, and streamline the process through a variety of applications such as

Intralogistics material movement

Pallet Handling

Trolley Transfer



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