Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) – A Deep Dive

In an era where automation continues to revolutionize industries, one innovation stands out for its groundbreaking potential: Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs). These intelligent machines have redefined traditional robotics, heralding a new era of independent navigation and operation within various sectors. Let’s delve deeper into AMRs to understand their capabilities, applications, and the transformative impact they bring to industries worldwide.


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History of Robotics in Manufacturing

The history of robotics is a tale of innovation and technological advancement that reshaped various industries, especially manufacturing. It began with the creation of the first programmable robot in 1961 by George Devol, marking a pivotal moment in the realm of automation. This event heralded the start of a revolution that continues to evolve and transform the manufacturing landscape.


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Industrial Automation-Revolutionizing Industries through Advanced Automation

What is Industrial Automation? The landscape of industries has evolved significantly with the advent of industrial automation—a realm where control systems, computers, and robotics collaborate seamlessly with information technologies to…

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