Our autonomous mobile robot series, NOVUS CARRY, unlocks the incremental potential of your operations with an intelligent transfer of payloads. It is super easy to use and install, and it optimizes various workflows resulting in productivity increase and incremental cost reduction. With our AMR platform, you can ensure non-stop workflows with seamless auto docking for charging and congurable maps. Carry’s modular design allows the deployment of various attachments for multiple use cases like conveyors, lift tugger, etc.
Battery Type/Life
24V/1500 Cycles
24V/ 1500 Cycles
48V/ 1500 Cycles
Payload Capacity
100Kg or 300Kg tug
500 Kg or 750 kg tug
1500kg or 2000 kg tug
Charging Type
Manual/ Auto Dock
Manual/ Auto Dock
Manual/ Auto Dock



The lifter platform allows the robot to go under a trolley, lift it and then deliver it to the end destination.


The tugging platform allows the robot to pull multiple trolleys simultaneously from origin to the end point.


The conveyor system allows the robot to transfer material from one conveyor platform to another, thus eliminating the need for extended conveyors that take up signicant space.