Conquer Operational challenges and meet throughput

Meet consumer demands with zero time and space wastage


Increased Warehouse Efficiency

Elevate warehouse output

Cost Saving

Improved returns with cost reduction

Reduced Order Processing Time

Improved order processing with less time

Smart and scalable material movement
to meet market demand

Among the most critical challenges in e-commerce intralogistics is the need for a responsive and scalable material handling system that can keep pace with the ever-changing market demands. Novus HiTech’sAMRs provide a dynamic solution, intelligently adjusting to fluctuations in order volumes, ensuring materials are precisely positioned to meet demand in real-time.Novus HiTech’sAMRs are your trusted allies in conquering intralogistics challenges, transforming your e-commerce warehouse into a flexible, scalable hub primed for success in today’s competitive environment. Bid farewell to logistical complexities and usher in a new era of seamless and responsive material handling with Novus HiTech’sautomation solution.


Discover a world of possibilities with our advanced automated robots. Our robots are designed to optimise efficiency, enhance precision, and streamline the process through a variety of applications such as

Order Picking

SKU Replenishment

Intralogistics material movement



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