Advanced Video Telematics Solution

Empowering Fleet Operators with AI Video Technology to Safeguard Your Most Precious Assets – Vehicles, Cargo, Drivers, and More

Welcome to a new era of fleet safety and efficiency. Our cutting-edge AI Video Technology empowers fleet operators like you to protect your most valuable assets – from vehicles to cargo and drivers. With our solution, you’ll gain real-time insights, proactively manage risks, and optimize your fleet’s performance. Join us in revolutionizing fleet management, where your assets and success take center stage.

Cloud Solution for Seamless Fleet Management

Your Gateway to Intelligent Operations

AIS 140 Compliant VTS

Your Trusted Partner in Vehicle Safety and Compliance

In-Cabin Voice Alert

Enhancing Fleet Safety and Operations

DMS : Driver Monitoring System

Empowering Safer Roads Through Insightful Monitoring

Novus Aware

In Cabin Monitoring System

Novus Pilot

External Perception System

ADAS: Advanced Driver
Assistance Systems

Empowering Safer Roads and Smarter Mobility

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Fuel Your Fleet's Future with Novus OmniFleet

Real-time Tracking, Analytics Insights, and Advanced Safety Features for Streamlined Operations, Enhanced Profitability, and Data-Driven Success.

Empowering Fleet Operators with Round-the-Clock Efficiency

Tracking & Tracing

Elevate your fleet management with real-time tracking
and tracing using our GPS-based VTS solutions
Enhance your fleet management with our cutting-edge real-time tracking solutions. We offer seamless tracking of trucks and provide real-time alerts via Voice Box, SMS, e-mail, and push notifications. Our comprehensive solution includes GPS/GSM Module (GPRS Mode) based Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) for end-to-end monitoring and control of your fleet.


Enhance Location Compliance and Stay
Notified of Unauthorized Entries
Our geofencing feature takes fleet management to the next level by helping you maintain location compliance and security. With precise geofencing capabilities, you can create virtual boundaries around specific areas, ensuring that your vehicles and assets stay within authorized zones. Whenever an entry into unpermitted areas occurs, our system triggers immediate notifications, allowing you to take prompt action and safeguard your operations. Geofencing with us is your key to better control and enhanced security

Safety Reports

Effortlessly Evaluate and Share Your
Fleet’s Performance
Our Safety Reports feature simplifies the process of evaluating your fleet’s driving performance. By analyzing driver alerts and safety scores, you can quickly generate comprehensive reports that offer a detailed overview of your fleet’s safety measures. These reports provide valuable insights into driver behavior, highlighting areas where improvements are needed. With our user-friendly platform, you can easily share these reports across various platforms, enabling informed decision-making and enhancing safety within your fleet. Stay proactive and in control with our Safety Reports feature.

Fleet Records

Streamline and Safeguard Your
Fleet Information
Effortlessly maintain essential fleet records, from driver details to insurance information, all in one secure and organized platform