NOVUS P-MOVER: Autonomous Mobile Forklift

Simplifying Material Handling

Effortlessly transports standard bins and pallets with pinpoint precision, leveraging laser SLAM and vision navigation for mastery in ground-to-ground and ground-to-height operations.

In the ever-evolving world of modern warehouses and factories, Novus P-Mover emerges as the autonomous solution to common challenges. Space constraints, heavy manpower dependency, reduced productivity, and the need for enhanced safety can all be overcome with Novus P-Mover forklift mobile robots. These ground-to-ground and ground-to-height material handling experts provide a new era of material handling solutions. Experience the future of efficient intra-logistics operations in an autonomous environment and transform your space into a more productive and safer haven.

ABOPT: Autonomous Battery Operated Pallet Truck

Reliable Forklift Mobile Robot for Tight Spaces with Ground-to-Ground Excellence


Efficiency in Compact Spaces with Ground-to-Ground and Ground-to-Height Capabilities

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Novus Carry Attachments

Unlock a range of applications, including lifting, tugging, tunnelling, and conveyor operations, by attaching different attachments to our Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) platform.




Pick Assist

Your Gateway to Comprehensive Fleet Management, Data Optimization, and Insights

Leveraging machine learning and analytics tools, Novus Analytics logs, consolidates, and presents data, providing invaluable insights to enhance processes and boost productivity.

Turning 24x7 Lights-Out Production into Reality with Smart Fleet Management.

Traffic Supervision

Ensures seamless and secure movement of every
Novus Carry AMR within your facility

Live Mapping:

Provides real-time visual insight into your facility’s layout and the ongoing tasks of Novus Carry AMRs.

Custom Traffic Rules:

Tailor how Novus Carry AMRs navigate your facility with a variety of traffic regulations, including speed limits, pedestrian-dense zones, and more.

Reliable Job Oversight

Our tireless job supervisor lets you take a break

Smart Job Management:

Our Fleet Manager is constantly analyzing your fleet’s data, keeping track of every robot’s condition, from charge levels to location, job status, payload, and more. It then efficiently assigns tasks, such as material handling and battery charging, to the most suitable robot in real-time.

Effortless Robot Fleet Management

Seamlessly supervise all your robots to ensure
mission-critical processes run smoothly

Real-time Notifications

Novus Analytics keeps you informed for uninterrupted mission-critical operations.
Receive updates on job takt times, throughput, distance travelled, and more.

Seamless Facility Integration

With versatile integration options, take control of
your productivity using Novus Analytics.

In-Depth Analytics

Novus Analytics collects comprehensive data and provides a wide range of insights to keep you informed about fleet performance and ROI.
Dashboards showcase vehicle status, ongoing tasks, historical trends, and more.
Flexible APIs and integration make it easy to connect Novus Analytics with your existing factory tools and systems, such as ERP or WMS, via HTTPS Rest and Websocket, Protocols, and Ignition for PLC integration.
Collaborative compatibility with cobots and other connected devices like attachments, conveyors and shelving ensures uninterrupted material handling.