Food and Beverage

Maintain hygiene and meet consumer
demands in food manufacturing

Increase efficiency with minimum human touch


Increases safety to 100%

Up to 30% reduction in material movement costs

Up to 30% improved productivity

Handle multiple SKUs while meeting
hygiene standards

In the dynamic landscape of food and beverage manufacturing, the need to efficiently handle multiple SKUs while upholding rigorous hygiene standards has never been more critical. Novus HiTech’scutting-edge Automation Mobile Robots (AMRs) are here to transform your production processes, addressing this formidable challenge and bringing cost-effective solutions to the forefront.Say goodbye to logistical bottlenecks and hygiene concerns in your food and beverage manufacturing facility. Novus HiTech’sAMRs are the game-changing solution you need to achieve unparalleled efficiency, cost savings, and uncompromising hygiene standards. Elevate your production processes today with our innovative automation technology.


Discover a world of possibilities with our advanced automated robots. Our robots are designed to optimise efficiency, enhance precision, and streamline the process through a variety of applications such as

Material Handling

EOL Packaging


Trolley Transfer

Pallet Handling

Conveyor System



Other Industries


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