Oil and Gas

Secure Oil & Gas Transport

Guarding Against the Unpredictable with AI and ML


Accident Reduction

Increased fleet safety

Fuel Efficiency

Advanced driver Management

Maintenance Costs Reduction

Optimized fleet maintenance

Navigating Hazards: ADAS, DMS,
and Fleet Management for Oil & Gas

Novus HiTech’sDriver Monitoring System (DMS) and Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) are transforming safety in oil and gas transportation. DMS ensures driver alertness, reducing accidents, while ADAS enhances fleet efficiency. Integrated Fleet Management streamlines deliveries. Together, these technologies tackle industry safety challenges, securing deliveries, navigating hazards, and prioritizing driver safety. Novus HiTech’ssolutions redefine road safety standards, providing assurance for a safer, more efficient journey in the oil and gas sector.


Discover a world of possibilities with our advanced automated robots. Our robots are designed to optimise efficiency, enhance precision, and streamline the process through a variety of applications such as

Advanced Monitoring & Reporting

In-Cabin Monitoring System

External Perception System



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