Drive Innovation in Automotive Safety: Reduce Accidents with Our ADAS - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems!

Empowering Automotive OEMs to Set a New Standard in Vehicle Safety

    Conventional Road Logistics

    Conventional Road Logistics

    Novus Road Logistics

    Novus Road Logistics

    Empower your fleet with retrofit safety solutions and take full control.


    Accident Reduction

    Increased fleet safety

    Fuel Efficiency

    Advanced driver Management

    Maintenance Costs Reduction

    Optimized fleet maintenance

    Streamlining logistics, prioritizing safety

    Our holistic solutions optimize road transportation, streamline logistics,
    and prioritize safety, efficiency, and asset protection

    Discover the potency of our road logistics solutions, driving fleet safety,
    efficiency, and secure transportation of vehicles and materials

    Fleet Management

    While efficiency remains crucial for a thriving transport and logistics business, safety is its very foundation. In this sector, the greatest safety threats are fatigue and distraction, posing significant risks to employees and businesses.
    Novus Hi-Tech, a global leader in driver fatigue and distraction technology, offers scientifically proven solutions capable of reducing accident events by up to an astounding 90%."

    Enhance Fleet Operations with our intelligent systems which provide complete control over the operations. With real-time tracking, asset monitoring, and geofencing capabilities, businesses can monitor the location, status, and performance of their vehicles in real time. This allows for efficient route planning, effective resource allocation, and proactive decision-making.
    Our solutions also offer advanced features for driver management, including driver behaviour analysis, performance monitoring, and automated reporting. This provides actionable insights to promote safe driving habits, reduce fuel consumption, and minimize vehicle wear and tear.

    • Safety Analytics
    • Vehicle Telematics Analytics
    • Voice Communication
    • Driver Workflow
    • Single Pan of Glass (SPOG)


    Leverage state-of-the-art AI-powered video technology to fortify and protect your most prized assets: your vehicles, cargo, and drivers.


    Maintain constant vigilance over fuel consumption, around the clock and across any location.

    Fleet Tracking Solutions

    A holistic fleet ecosystem solution at your fingertips.

    Fleet Safety

    Leverage a range of advanced features that promote safe driving practices, monitor driver behaviour, and mitigate risks with real-time monitoring, driver behaviour analysis, and intelligent alerts. Address potential safety concerns, reduce accidents, and enhance driver awareness on the road.

    Our solutions also provide tools to implement and enforce safety policies, including driver training programs and performance monitoring.



    Calling, Texting
    while driving


    Smoking, Drinking
    while driving

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